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15th & 16th April 2023

Master Trainer - Edward Yu

Master Trainer Edward Yu will give giving offline & online workshops at the Sino-British Academy Training Center in Shanghai

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Greater China Feldenkrais Association is very please to invite you to the opportunity to attend a 2 day workshop with Edward Yu - Author of Slowing Down Faster:  A Sense-able Approach to Movement.

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience personally the instruction of one of the most popular internationally renowned Feldenkrais Teachers.

Edward will lead you through a 2 day workshop focusing on a Feldenkrais approach to understanding and improving core strength and flexibility.

One of the great things about Feldenkrais is that it is beneficial for people of all ages and abilities so this workshop is suitable for persons of any level including :

  • Athletes

  • Runners

  • Pilates practitioners

  • Yoga practitioners

  • Gym junkies

  • People back pain

  • People with chronic pain

  • Dancers

  • Office workers !

Workshop Theme: Core Strength & Flexibility

Possible Areas of Discussion:

  • What is core strength/flexibility?

  • Why put strength and flexibility together?

  • What are the possible functions involved?

  • Applications in yoga, pilates, sports, martial arts, dance, everyday life

  • Relation to injuries (or potential for injury)

  • Relation to being right or left handed

  • Where does your core begin/end?

  • Relation to horizon and field of vision

Workshop Contents

  • Introduction

  • Testing reference movement

  • ATM

  • checking reference movement

  • discussion & possible demonstration

  • continuation of ATM

  • checking reference movement

  • discussion & possible demonstration

  • repeat morning sequence but either exploring different ATM or further exploring original ATM

About the Instructor

Edward Yu, CFP is a former competitive runner and triathlete, current running and fitness instructor, and 7th generation lineage disciple of Masters Ge Guoliang and Li Xueyi in the art of Baguazhang.  His students have included professional athletes, dancers, martial artists, musicians and members of the US Olympic Track Team.

Along with studying Bagua and Taichi, he has sampled enough boxing, kickboxing, and judo to know that it’s sometimes better to run for your life.

Edward has also published a number of books :

  • Slowing Down Faster:  A Sense-able Approach to Movement (North Atlantic)

  • The Mass Psychology of Fittism:  Fitness, Evolution, and the First Two Laws of Thermodynamics (Undocumented Worker Press)

  • The Art of Slowing Down:  A Sense-able Approach to Running Faster (Panenthea)

Workshop Location & Dates


Saturday & Sunday 15th & 16th April 2023


10:00am - 6:30 pm (lunch 90 mins)


Sino-British Academy Training Center 2nd Floor, 95 Wuyi Road Changning 200051 Shanghai


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